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Longshot in for the Long haul

Dear friends of the Longshot

You will be aware that our Indiegogo fundraiser is finishing soon and we would like to thank everyone who has contributed.

Although we didn’t reach our target, we believe the campaign has been successful in a number of ways and that we now have a strong foundation from which to press on.

Our initial goal was to find the shell in time for the August 5th centenary of World War One. This is why we established a 60-day fundraising campaign.

Raising $85,000 in such a short time was always going to be difficult, but we had to try.

However, the publicity that we have  generated and the community support that we have since received has convinced us to continue with the mission.

There have been a number of positive developments recently that have encouraged us to widen our efforts.

We have received endorsement from five government ministers, including the Prime Minister.

We have submitted several funding proposals.

We are also negotiating with corporate and business entities who have expressed interest in sponsoring the project.

We have a number of prominent community organisations who are also considering adopting Project Longshot as part of their community commitments.

We are planning a number of fund-raising events in the coming months.

In short, Longshot in now in for the Long haul. It will take longer to complete the project – and we will not find the shell by August 5th this year –  but we are committed to doing whatever it takes to make the project a success, however long it takes.

Meanwhile, we have begun filming a documentary about the first shot.

The story that is emerging is much more fascinating than we at first thought.

There is significant interest in a film about the first shot – however, the search for the shell makes such a film a lot more contemporary, as it creates a real link between the present and the past.

We will keep you updated and  thank you very much for your support.

The Longshot Team



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