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Search Plans

It’s been a while, but we have been working behind the scenes to put everything in place and we are now almost in a position to begin the search.

We have pursued many avenues to obtain the equipment we need.

In July last year the Federal Government offered to lend us the equipment. This was a breakthrough at the time.

However, in order to use the Navy’s equipment we needed to modify the magnetometer and this would have cost us over $30,000.

Meanwhile, as a result of our Val Morgan Cinema Campaign, a company in Singapore has offered to lease us the equipment at a vastly reduced price.

The magnetometer is currently being used on a project in the UK and we need $15,000 to cover the cost of hiring the equipment.

We currently have pledges of $6000.

We are nearly there.

We have decided to pursue this option. We will hire the magnetometer for seven days, which will allow us to scan the area thoroughly.

After that, our geophysicist will collate the data to identify potential targets.

The scanner will have been pre-programmed to identify objects matching the dimensions and chemical make-up of the first shot.

This will eliminate 90% of potentially misleading targets and will save us much time.

Once we have isolated potential targets, we will then dive the area and make visual contact. We may need to remove sand using vacuums.

If we find something  promising we will photograph and video the object.

We will not disturb the shell until we have been advised by the defence forces.


We would be grateful if you could possibly contribute some funds to help get us over the line.

We expect to be on the water early next year – hopefully by the end of January.

If you wish to help out, you can donate here:

Project account details:
Commonwealth Bank
Account Name: Southern Ocean Exploration Inc.
BSB: 063144
Account Number: 10513417


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